Monday, January 19, 2009

Dachshunds: The New Trend in Home Decor?

I suspect I am going to be accused of trying to initiate this trend for my own benefit. After all, I did turn some old Ikea mirrors into decorative omages to my own dachshund for my entryway (see here); however, I have noticed a growing number of chic dachshund-related home accessories on the market. Could dachshunds becoming a part of the continuing trend of animals in home decor?

Dachshund Coat rack (from Rose and Radishes):

Happy Hot Dog Clock (from Naked Decor):
Happy Hot Dog Pillow (also from Naked Decor):

Dachshund Lamp (from Willow):

What I think is most notable about all of these items is their very explicit references to pop art. Perhaps they all took their cue from Andy Warhol's Portrait of Maurice?

In addition to being an nice change of pace from the organic or mid century styles employed in most "animal decor" recently, I think drawing upon inspiration from pop art is particularly appropriate for the subject matter. After all, a core tenant of the movement was the elevation of the everyday to the status of art. Pop art is also typically associated with an irreverence that befits the dachshund's personality and bearing. Using dachshund imagery in home decor similarly takes any space down a notch and imbues it with an often much needed dose of humor.


Jane said...

I think that I like this more than the owl decore. Of course, it is so easy to go from kitschy to tacky. I think one dachsund accent is enough. I think you don't need any of this on account of your etched mirrors.

Averill said...

You don't think the lamp (in white, not yellow)would look cute in my study?

And yes, I'm "over" the owls (my umbrella stand notwithstanding).

Texan Eli said...

I can't get too much dachshund art.

Quotidian Grace said...

Beatrice sends in her vote for the white lamp.

I would love a dachshund key holder for the back door at the new house. Wouldn't that be cute?

Averill said...

QG - I think the key holder would look great in the new house!

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