Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

With my next scheduled vacation not until late June (so, so far away) and the holidays a rapidly fading memory, I'm really starting to itch for some time off -- even if just, to use the British term, a "mini-break". And if I were traveling anytime soon, I would definitely be packing all my goods in one of these bags from Jane Marvel, which are sized (and priced) perfectly for short getaways. By the way, Jane's website is now offering a free gift with purchase. Plus, courtesy of DailyCandy, you enter in code DAILYCANDY at check-out, you'll get an additional 30% on everything.

Hanging Cosmetic Bag ($42)

All of Jane's bags come in your choice of 12 fun fabrics and have her signature (and very cute) lining. In addition to travel bags, she also sells computer bags and everyday purses.


lunaticg said...

what a cute bag. Wish I can have one.
See you around.

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