Thursday, January 22, 2009

Subi Two-Toes

I thought I'd go ahead and formally introduce our pets. First up is our eldest, Subito* (Subi for short, aka Fatness or Fatty, rapper name "Subi Two-Toes"), our 5-year old red (yes red, not orange) tabby cat.

Here's a shot of Subi as a kitten -- freakin' adorable, eh? But, alas, I didn't get to meet her until she was 2-years old, full grown, and already obese. She's my red headed step child. Here's how she wound up with us: Subi's "real mom" was Dave's ex, who found Subi in the parking lot at work when Subi was just a few weeks old, warming herself via car exhaust. When Dave and his ex split up a year or so later, they each took one of their cats with them. Subi's unnatural attachment to Dave pretty much necessitated that she go with him. In fact, I'm fairly certain my husband is the only person Subi actually loves, let alone likes. Prior to my arrival on the scene, it was just Dave and Subi -- and I suspect Subi sorely misses those days. Can't you tell? She's giving me 'da stink eye:

Her favorite spot in the entire house is sitting on his chest, staring at him. I call it creepy; Dave calls it sweet -- I suppose it all depends on whether or not you're a cat person. I am, quite honestly, not (was that obvious?). And yet, despite my prediliction to dislike cats, Subi manages to charm even me on occassion. Even I can't resist this:

Next week: our forgotten middle "child" Clio.


* - Subito is a Latin adverb that means "suddenly". Alas for Subi, the name has proven to be ironic. Subito is perhaps the slowest cat ever. She has a stunted tail that prevents her from having very good balance and, as a result, she moves at a snail's pace to keep from toppling over.


Quotidian Grace said...

Subi was a precious little kitty, wasn't she?

Love the "stink eye" picture!

Dave said...

You failed to mention that she sings to "sexyback" or that she trumpets to announce the taking of her evening poo. Who can resist a cat that quirky?

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