Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Be My Valentine

While often maligned as a "Hallmark Holiday", Valentine's Day, has a rich history as a medieval Christian feast day reincarnated as a secular holiday during the Victorian Age. I've always liked Valentine's Day (yes, even when I was hopelessly single...which was every Valentine's Day just about until I was 23) as a day to eat chocolate without guilt and to give and receive simple (and hopefully heartfelt) cards and sentiments from those who matter most to you.

In a year where everyone is focused on scaling back and getting back to "what really matters", I think it's particularly important to take some time to celebrate Valentine's Day this year in it's purer and more restrained form. After all, there's an awful lot of stress going around these days and sometimes it's just nice to hear from the people we care about most. Simple sentiments (that really don't take much time or money at all) can go a long way to letting others know that they matter, that we're thinking about them, and that their not alone. And so, this year (unlike most years), in lieu of dropping a good bit of money on an overpriced dinner with Dave and another unneeded gift, I think I might spread the love around some, so to speak, and send out a few Valentines to various friends and family members across the country. Here are a few I've spied at some of my favorite stationery shops on Etsy to get you inspired:

For letterpress and design lovers:
Lovely Birds letterpress cards by Tara Hogan
($12/set of 5)

For your female relatives (or fans of German folk art):
Letterpress Valentine's Day cards by Sycamore Street Press
($18/set of 6)

For anyone who remembers when its Peanut Butter Jelly Time:
You're the PB to my J letterpress card by SarahMarieDesigns
($4.50/single card) [Now 25% off -- enter "VAL2009" at checkout!]

For anyone allergic to pink:
Love you bunches letterpress cards by OrangeBeautiful

($16/set of 6)

For your unsentimental (and very existential) friends:
This is Not a Valentine cards by Michelle Brusegaard
($8/set of 4)

For all your single (and bitter) girlfriends:
Down With Love cards by MewPaper Arts
($3.50/single card)
[On Sale now $10/3 of your choice]

For the minimalist in your life: You Fill My Heart With Love flatcard by JustAnotherDay ($2.50/single card)

For anyone that deserves a personalized greeting:
Personalize Your Own Valentine card by InvitaPaperStudio
($3/single card or $8/set of 3)

For your daughter or niece (or anyone else who's cute enough to eat):
How Can I Resist You? card by InvitaPaperStudio
($3/single card or $8/set of 3)

For the medical student/resident/professional in your life:
The Parts of My Heart card by ArmatoDesign
($4/single card)

For your stylish shopping partners:
Vixen - Velvet Ribbon card by AnnaCote
($5.50/single card)

When you have a lot of love to give (like, say, to an entire classroom): Mini Folk Art Valentines by Nouveau Designs ($15/set of 30)


Patch said...

Too cute! Inspiring me to get a very special Valentine's card for my guy. Do you remember our legendary Valentine's Day at the Rainbow Cafe? ;-D

Christina said...

So cute! I love the PB&J one!

Averill said...

Patch -- you're still the best V-day date I've ever had. ;)

Annie's mom said...

Sure love the cupcakes...Annie would too! Just bought her s fun treat for the occasion at Target... pink, red and white pipecleaners on steroids. They are gigantic, flufflier and I can see a tiara or wand in their future. Best part: they are silent! I love quiet, open-ended toys.

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