Monday, January 19, 2009

Reader's Diary from Green Chair Press

A perennial New Year's resolution of mine is to read more -- or, to be more specific, turn off the TV and make more time for reading in the evenings. It's not that I don't like to read (I've always been a bibliophile), but I feel like I often forgo the pleasure simply because it's easier to leave the computer or TV on at the end of a long day (or even squeeze in that one last "to do" before bed) than to make time for myself. Something like this could help me stay on track:

Like keeping any other resolution, accountability is the key to success -- and what better way to hold yourself accountable than to keep a list of what you've read? This Reader's Diary (from Green Chair Press) has room to record the date, title and author of each book you read and even includes a rating system. Another bonus: I could see this coming in particularly handy when the holidays roll around again and I'm scrambling to remember what books I've read over the past year and liked enough to buy as gifts for others. Perhaps best of all, it's priced right at only $10.


John@ThisYoungHouse said...

I made the same resolution. I was thinking of buying all the books I wanted to read this year and stack them on a bookcase that I see everyday. That way the books stare at me all the time reminding me that they're supposed to be open and in my lap!

But perhaps I'll consider the reader's diary instead so I don't have to create an intentional eye-sore in the house.

Anonymous said...

Another way to get through books regularly is to take on the job of a regular book reviewer for a steady publication -- like The Civil War News. Of course, the result can be loss of control of one's reading list plus the digestion of an occasional bad book.

Averill said...

John -- your stack on the bookshelf is probably far less offensive visually than the giant stack of books on my night table (which is on top of a giant stack of magazines...). :)

artbymj said...

Many years ago I started a book I had not realized I had already read (babies and loss of brain cells were my excuse) so I made up my own log. But now my log is almost full and I needed something new so this is a great tip. Thanks!

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