Wednesday, January 28, 2009

domino magazine is shutting down

This is making the rounds today on all the home decor-related blogs, but if you haven't heard the news already, domino is folding. I was sad to lose Cottage Living, O at Home and Blueprint, but this one really will leave a hole in the world of shelter magazines since it's one of the few American design publications that focuses on decorating for "real people" (i.e., those of us who can't afford to hire interior designers or spend $10,000 on a sofa). Everyone else sad to see it go? I always thought the magazine was extremely popular (but then again, I think I'm the targeted demographic), so I'm pretty surprised insofar as I thought other shelter mags would go first.*
* - Yes, I realize other shelter magazines already have gone. I mean instead that I thought other shelter mags that are still out there but appear to have a narrower audience (e.g., Traditional Home, Western Interiors) would go first.


Quotidian Grace said...

Don't you think magazines as a whole are on their way out, being replaced by e-zines and blogs like yours?

Averill said...

Probably, but domino is closing down its website (which includes several blogs) as well, so their web presence is going away, too.

Besides, I think we're still some time off from bloggers producing as professional (or as portable) a product as a magazine.

Daniela Conn said...

The magazine was popular.....over 800,000 subscriptions, not to mention in-store purchases....the real reason for their demise is lagging ad sales. with the recession hitting home hard (pun intended) business don't see the logic in placing ads for sofas, trinkets, and so on....i am so sad! i'm glad i have saved every issue...and i mean every single issue from the first to the last!

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