Monday, January 26, 2009

Rethinking Urban Outfitters

I tend to write off Urban Outfitters as the provenance of teens and college students. Every time I walk into one of their stores, I instantly feel really old as I've long outgrown the paper lantern and bean bag decor the store is famous for (and as for their clothes, my height has precluded me from buying much more than tops from them since I was 14). After surfing their website, however, I may have to rethink my prejudices (and since many of these items are available only online, I can purchase from the comfort of my computer thereby avoiding the loud, pulsating stores and that dreaded "old" feeling). Sure, Urban is still peddling its fair share of hamburger phones, Jesus-on-a-ropes, and ice luges, but there are still some lovely home accessories for the post-college crowd as well.

Clockwise from top left: tea cup tile hook ($38), owl umbrella stand ($120), and granny smith container ($36). I think a few of these teacup tiles would be so cute in a small bathroom for storing toothbrushes, etc. or in a kitchen for holding utensils. I have the owl umbrella stand in my entryway actually (though I didn't get it at Urban) -- he's HUGE and really beautiful. Also, how cute would that apple be as a cookie jar in a kitchen? Very retro.

Clockwise from top left: koi shower curtain ($28), Leaf Umbrella Wall Art by Masha D'yans ($60), and Haruki Slat Bench ($225). I love how monochromatic and clean that shower curtain is save for that burst of red at the bottom -- very sophisticated. That slat bench is also a really nice looking mid century modern piece without the MCM price tag.

Clockwise from top left: Chalk Candle ($9.99), Set of 10 Frames ($28), and Flowers Cut Out Metal Frame ($9.99). 10 frames for under $30 is an absolute steal (though I would suggest using a leveler when hanging, which Urban obviously didn't bother with) and the cut-out frame is cute and neutral (and well priced). I really love the idea of using these as centerpieces or in lieu of placecards at dinner parties. Of course, since they're scented, I'd refrain from lighting them (I really hate scented candles at the dinner table).

And finally, the pièce de résistance:

Urban is selling the Modern Alchemy candles that I love so much at a fraction of the cost ($18 versus $45)! The packaging appears to be simpler (though still nice), but otherwise the size and scents look to be identical. Very interesting!


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