Thursday, January 8, 2009

Color Trend: Yellow and Gray

The powers that be have declared "mimosa" or "super lemon" to be the new "it" color for 2009. [Aside: Apparently this color was selected because -- and I quote: "Mimosa Embodies Hopefulness and Reassurance in a Climate of Change". Okay...well, I suppose yellow is cheerful.] I think that a very saturated yellow can be difficult to wear, but when paired with neutrals (like gray, a popular color in 2008 that continues to be on trend), it can be very fresh and modern. Yellow is also a great option for accessories -- and is a safe bet if you're unsure how the color works with your skin tone (or if, like me, you tend to default to an all-neutral wardrobe).

Yellow and Gray by averillh1

Depending on how you wear it, I think this color combination can come off as either youthful and casual or more elegant and sophisticated (without being stuffy). I think J.Crew is doing this trend particularly well right now -- some of their sweaters and jackets in particular are absolutely lovely and the J.Crew floral skirt on the bottom right seems very reminiscent of something Michelle Obama would wear. The yellow/gray combo has also been popping up a lot in home decor and other forms of design. I love these stationery sets from two of my favorite sellers on Etsy (In-vita Paper Studio and Made by Michelle Brusegaard, respectively):

On the home decor front, yellow/gray is popping up in a lot of accessories -- particularly pillows and rugs and is also appearing in a lot of modern fabrics (see Amy Butler for some lovely examples). When paired with white accessories, this color scheme can really pop. I particularly love the Jonathan Adler rug and the bedding from Omhome (both shown below). Perhaps I can find room for them in my next house (the current one being rather full).


Patch said...

I love it! I got this great bright canary yellow cardigan at Ann Taylor Loft and wore it with light grey pants yesterday. My inspiration? Wedding magazines. They get you looking at color combinations in a whole different way.

Sherry said...

Love love love yellow and gray. Delicious. Just popping in to say hello. We're loving your blog!

Sherry (& John)

Averill said...

Patch -- congrats on the engagement, btw! And yes, wedding magazines are a great source of inspiration. Sometimes I'm still tempted to buy them at the grocery store, but then I start feeling completely silly because I'm already married (and D. gets after me enough for my piles and piles of magazines)!

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