Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Classically Modern

I love classical Greco-Roman art. I took several courses in college on the subject in fact, and I love the idea of mixing ancient art into a more modern setting. While I have a few Roman coins to my name, budgetary constraints prevent me from becoming an antiquities collector -- even the not-so-good stuff tends to run in the thousands of dollars.

One thing I'm not much of a fan of though is reproductions -- particularly the plaster reproductions sold in museum gift stores. I dislike the idea of "faking it". I'd rather hold off until I can afford to drop my hard earned dollars on a Roman bust or Greek red-figure pottery. What I do enjoy, however, are modern references to classical art, from subtle greek-key details in rugs or shades to a modern take on a classical bust. I think the look can be extremely flexible as well, successful in both more traditional and more modern spaces. The key to getting modern Greek revival right is not try to fool anyone into thinking that something is "real" -- these pieces are meant to be referential rather than duplicative. I've pulled together a few of my favorite pieces that could help achieve this look. Even better? While some of these pieces are not inexpensive, these pieces are certainly more attainable than anything by Praxiteles.

Ionic Bookends* by Timothy Richards (Unica Home)

Artemis Linen Pillow** by Thomas Paul (Velocity Art & Design)

Greek-key Linen Drapes (Williams Sonoma Home -- on sale!)

Artifact Dessert Plates by Thomas Paul (Velocity Art & Design)

Greek Key Border Frame (Target - less than $8!)

Aphrodite Shelf (Modern Dose -- now on sale!)

Grand Tour Soldier Lamp by Jonathan Adler (Jonathan Adler -- now 30% off!)

Update: Couldn't resist adding just one more thing -- love that the Titan pillow from Naked Decor is reversible (and a good bit cheaper than the Thomas Paul versions).


A few notes:
* - Corinthian and Doric columns are available as well.

** - Apollo pillow also available. Additionally, the Apollo and Artemis designs are available as wall art in a variety of colorways and sizes at Artassaince.

*** - Grand Tour Soldier is also available in blue and as a bust (currently 50% off).


Texan Eli said...

Your father shares you appreciation for the Ancient World. Had he not done so (relatively) poorly in Ancient History his sophomore year at New Haven, he would have majored in the subject. And the world would be one Econ major and Corporate lawyer poorer for it, too.

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