Monday, March 16, 2009

Virtual Vacation: Barbados

This week is spring break in Texas and the office is down to a skeleton crew, which includes me (oh the joys of being the youngest person in a department). But, while I may not have the opportunity to take a real spring break trip, the relative quiet has allowed me some time to day dream of where I'd rather be. Today, I'd like to be in Barbados. I've wanted to go to Barbados ever since I read The Witch of Blackbird Pond back in elementary school. In my mind, at least, Barbados is the perfect combination of beautiful beaches, laid back island lifestyle, remoteness [Ever checked it out on a map? It's barely in the Caribbean!] and rich colonial history.

The Sandpiper Hotel in St. James, Barbados, takes the best of British colonialism (namely, the decor) and takes it down a notch with its relaxed, island spin on the style. While I'm usually one for a lot of color, the natural linens, mixed with dark cane furniture and the bleached wood ceilings (*sigh*) conjure up a sophisticated yet laid back atmosphere just perfect for a luxury vacation.

Love the sheer draperies around the bed -- such a cozy touch that hearkens back to the mosquito netting folks would've slept under back when Barbados was a British colony (and an essential trading post between Africa, Europe and the American colonies).

I can't get enough of these ceilings! The muted palette is calming, but the more modern furnishings and textured fabrics in this suite keep it interesting. I want to take a nap on that white sofa right now....

And of course, a modern bathroom always hits the right note. Even if you're going for a British colonial vibe, you don't want your bathroom to look like it hasn't been touched since the 18th century. All images courtesy of The Sandpiper Hotel.

If I had the good fortune of jetting off to The Sandpiper for a few days of r&r, I would without a doubt throw this swimsuit (and the white Pucci sunglasses -- I'm fantasizing here, after all) into my overnight bag:

I can't imagine a more flattering bathing suit, and the white is just so luxe (and may help mask my preternaturally pale skin). If you have the good fortune of being blessed with darker skin, then this white suit would only serve to highlight your bronzed limbs -- lucky you! Aside from a few good cover-ups that can go from beach to dinner and some cute sandals, the only other essentials are some good beach reads (might I suggest just about anything by Christopher Moore?).


Kristina with a K said...

I would love to go there and I would totally take advantage of that tub!

Anonymous said...

where can you buy this swimsuit/ amazing

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