Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Design for Less: Oscar Accent Lamp

I am always a little surprised at how expensive lamps are. Even in big box stores like Target, it's hard to find a stylish accent lamp for under a $100. But that's where Lights Up! comes in. Lights Up! lamps (available through Pillows and Throws and Burke Decor) offers several styles of modern accent lamps, many of them for under $100.

My favorite is the Oscar lamp (pictured above), which is available in the four colors shown and comes with a variety of lampshades. The base is made of durable resin, which won't chip or crack like ceramic, and the lampshades come in either printed silk or plain linen. I'm particularly fond of the faux bois print lampshade (shown on the brown lamp) and the mumm print lampshade (shown on the white lamp). And the best part? No matter which base and shade combination you choose, the Oscar lamp is just $88 (or $77 if you go with the plain linen shade). For a lamp that looks this fun, I think it's a steal. My one complaint is that I think Lights Up! should also allow you to buy their lampshades separately, so you can switch them out with the base depending on the season (or your mood).

So what do y'all think? What are your favorite sources for wallet-friendly lighting?


Daniela said...

Ikea has some great lighting that is extremely affordable!

Daniela said...

Ikea has some great lighting options at some wallet friendly prices!

Patch said...

I love the white lamp you show!!! CB2 always seems to have nice lighting but I never seriously looked for any, so I have no clue on prices...Seriously, I'm such a nomad, I don't think I'll ever want to buy pretty lighting that I will have to move with me in a short time. Ya know? This is why I live vicariously through you and your fab home and decorating. Mystery = solved!

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