Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dachshund Wallpaper

As I've noted on this blog before, I just can't get enough of dachshund decor -- after all, it even alliterates! And fortunately for me, neither can the Germans. German company sb 2designers has come out with reuseable and allegedly easy-to-apply wallpaper featuring my favorite four-legged animal in, among other available colorways, an eye-searing fuschia and pink combination.

Individual strips of wallpaper are sold separately and can be arranged to form alternating stripes (as shown above) or a solid wall (as shown below). For the decorator looking for a more subtle (well, relatively, anyway) look, a more subdued palette of cream and white is available:

I'm honestly tempted by this picture. How cute would this wallpaper be in a powder room? Or as liner for drawers or shelves? In addition to the two colorways shown above, the Haufenweise pattern is also available in fuschia/gray, citron/white, and lime/white (the latter two would each make rather entertaining feature walls in a child's bedroom or nursery). Prices start at 36 Euros per strip, plus applicable VAT and postage, and custom orders are possible. I would highly recommend surfing around on s2b's website: not only are their other patterns amusing, but their English translations are hilarious.

I'm reluctant to point this out, because I am somewhat serious when I say I love this wallpaper, but sb 2designers offers the following as a coordinating pattern to its Haufenwise wallpaper:

If you can't make it out, here's a close-up of the pattern in the gray/fuschia colorway:

Yes, that's dog poop. For your wall. Seriously. This may just be so bad, it's great. Thoughts?

Via the always adorable Dachshund Love.


Liz said...

I love that you love dachshunds as much as I do!! And I'm with you on hating to love that awesome wallpaper. :)

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