Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Design For Less: Ruffle Pillows

I've had my eye on this pillow from the Amsterdam-based textile line Onomono (available through Burke Decor) for months now, but I've been unable to pull the trigger on a $150 pillow that I really don't have a specific place for.

On the other hand, it's a lot easier to justify another unnecessary throw pillow when it's priced at a mere $14:

Granted, the Ruffles Natural Cotton Jersey Pillow from Hettle (via Etsy) isn't an exact match to the Oromono, but it's pretty close and it definitely imparts a similar cozy and feminine vibe. Sized at a nice 14 x 14, the cover does not include the pillow insert, but you can easily pick one up at your local IKEA or Bed Bath & Beyond for just a few dollars (which also means you can avoid paying shipping costs on such a bulky item) or purchase one through the online shop for a mere $5 (with free shipping on the cover). Hettle offers other styles and fun colors and custom orders are available. I particularly like her pink candy stripe ruffle pillow, which would be darling in a little girl's room.


Liz said...

What a great find!! I agree that $150 is hard to justify, but you've found an awesome (and totally affordable) alternative. I think my favorites are "spring green" and "waves." I've found myself starting to feel the need to revamp the pillows at my house, so I may have to pull the trigger on one of these babies!

Patch said...

Brilliant! $150 is unacceptable!

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