Tuesday, March 24, 2009

{New To Me} Bailey Doesn't Bark

I stumbled upon Jin Lee's Bailey Doesn't Bark online shop today via Daily Candy and I think I love it. Somehow, this Brazilian artist manages to make plates featuring flamingos, ants or roaches look pretty. Of course, the liberal use of 23 karat gold doesn't hurt. The three piece Dotted Tea Set featured above is my favorite. The hint of red-orange would work perfectly in my kitchen and the white porcelain would blend well with my standard issue Pottery Barn Great White Coup dinnerware.

For spring and summer, Lee has issued the limited edition Flamingos and Trees pattern, which comes in a five piece place setting and even the adorable salt and pepper shakers featured above. I love the idea of registering for something like this in lieu of the standard issue white Crate&Barrel place settings. For one, you could be sure no one else would have it.

The "Four Seasons" set of cups (also available in black) is really lovely. At a diminutive 2 oz. a piece, they'd be great for sake. A set of these would also make a great wedding gift, should you want to stray from the registry (which I would recommend only for close friends and family members whom you know well -- otherwise, play it safe and get them something they've selected themselves).

These "postcups" are adorable and the second photo features your two choices of a reverse side: a heart or the graphic text. One of these would make such a cute Valentine's Day gift -- or just a "I miss you" gift. Even better, Lee will hand ink a custom message and the recipient's address on the front of the "postcup" to your sweetie and ship it directly to them for free!

For the more adventurous, why not have a few pieces from Lee's roach or ant series? The looks on your guests' faces when they pull a roach cup out of the cupboard in the morning may be worth the $47 price tag alone. Having had issues with sugar ants in my kitchen, the ants' series may be a bit too realistic for my taste....

While none of Lee's pieces are inexpensive, they're comparable to other high-quality porcelain dinnerware you'd find at your local department store. Besides, I think a few of these pieces would go a long way as accent pieces to pep up your everyday white dinnerware. If you're interested in purchasing, Daily Candy is offering 25% off anything in the Bailey Doesn't Bark online store. Simply enter "CANDY25" at checkout.


Jane said...

Those are cute! But I don't like the bugs!

Patch said...

LOVE all.

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