Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Huaraches para Primavera

While I love all things Greco-Roman, I'm not entirely sure I can get behind the gladiator trend that's been popping up all over the place for Spring. Besides, the majority of these so-called gladiator sandals strike me as more dominatrix than Roman anyway (see Exhibit A). Instead, I think I'll head south of the border for inspiration and try some huaraches.

Huaraches (traditional Mexican sandals easily recognizable by their woven leather tops) are a big trend for spring, too -- and a much easier one to pull off. Whether you prefer a more or less literal interpretation of the trend, I've rounded up a half dozen of my favorite huarache-inspired sandals. I'm particularly attracted to each of these right now because they're so much less bare than the thong sandals or flip flops that have been dominating warm-weather shoes for years now. As a result, I think they're a sandal that could work at the office (where you should NEVER be showing up in flip flops), thereby making it easier for me to justify purchasing a pair.

1. Anya Sandal, Tory Burch ($250; also available in silver or brown). Ack!! I am so, so tempted by these....argh. Moreover, Mrs. B. appears to be leading the huarache-charge this spring; she also has a huarache-style wedge (available in black) and huarache-style high heel (in tan). In short: whatever your heel preference, Tory has you covered.

2. Paristu Sandal, Corso Como ($154.95; also available in black or tan). My favorite of the wedge options. I love that the wedge isn't ridiculously tall (I tend to feel like I'm clopping around on stilts when they're too high) and that the platform is wrapped in suede, which is a nicely luxe detail.

3. Ferran, Sam Edleman ($135; also available in navy). When I first saw these, I thought their name was "Farrah" (as in Fawcett) rather than "Ferran" -- which would work well, I think, since these shoes have a definite 70s/early 80s quality. Plus, their reasonable heel height (2.75"!) means you could walk around in them all day. Definitely a great option that works well in the office and on weekends.

4. Belle by Sigerson Morrison ($265). Obviously, these are a more subtle homage to their Mexican forefathers, but I love the yellow suede and the nice woven detail around the toes -- they'd be a great pick-me-up for basic jeans and tees. Yes, they're a bit pricey, but I think (if you pretreat the suede) you could have these for years and lately I find myself preferring to buy less, but buy (a) what I love and (b) what can last.

5. Huarache Air Sling, Cole Haan ($301.95, also available in black, silver and off white). Again, this one is a much less literal take on the trend, but I had to include a pair of Cole Haans since his "air" series are (IMHO) the most comfortable heels on the market today. Besides, who can resist the orange! Like Tory Burch, Cole Haan also offers huarache styles in super-cute wedges ($201.95) and practical (and, to be honest, slightly dowdy) flats ($171.95), as well as in an array of colors (go for the fuchsia!).

6. Damsel Sandal, DV by Dolce Vita ($69.95, also available in black and silver). These were my favorite well under $100 option and I think Dolce Vita shoes are a great bargain and very well made. These are also the most casual option, and I think they'd be really cute with shorts or a sundress.


Jody Harrington said...

Huaraches no. 4 and 5 are super cute!

Anonymous said...

What's with Cole Haan's new prices? 201.95?

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