Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guest Post @ We Love Domino

domino, August 2007

Like many of you, I continue to mourn the loss of domino magazine. When I received what was to be its last issue, I couldn't quite decide how, when and where I should read it. The last one should be savored, yes? Not just flipped through while I'm watching trashy TV on my sofa...

The moment domino shuttered its doors, the "Keep domino alive" campaigns began to spring up. One of my favorite iterations of this movement is the new blog We Love domino!, which features regular guest posts from various design bloggers showcasing the very best of domino. With so much involvment from the blogging community as a whole, Kate's labor of love promises to be a great online forum where domino fans can continue to find inspiration from their favorite shelter magazine.

domino, May 2007

This week, I had the opportunity to do my own ode to domino, which features the magazine's best gardens and outdoor spaces. Be sure to check it out here and let me know what you think.


Jody Harrington said...

Love the garden that looks like a face! Also, I'm intrigued by the gardens with the curtains and drapes. Very appealing.

Averill said...

heh -- it does look like a face! Didn't even register that....I think I like it all the more for it though. :)

Biba said...

Love the second pic, wish my garden looked like that! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post over at 'We Love Domino!', Averill!

Domino did feature some great outdoor spaces... (and some maybe not so great-- but we love them for exactly that reason!)

Thanks for dropping by 'the mogg blogg'-- hope you come over often!

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