Monday, February 16, 2009

Cake Wrecks

Are you familiar with the blog Cake Wrecks? If not, you need to be. My mother (Quotidian Grace) alerted me to the blog some time ago and some of the cakes (all made by so-called professionals) the author manages to find are absolutely hilarious.

Here's a round up of a few of my favorites:

I wonder if the bride and groom who ordered this cake also registered at Orvis and Gander Mountain.

The perfect cake for your nihilist friend's next birthday. I love the ironic tension created by the message and the rainbow as well. I'm not sure I'd describe this cake as a "wreck"; in fact, it might just be the work of a genius.

I'm pretty sure this one speaks for itself, though I think the red flowers are a tad too optimistic for the message this cake is conveying.

Quite possibly the best use of the international "no" sign that I've ever see. Do you suppose Sexual Harassment Panda got to deliver this cake?

Quite possibly my favorite. Is that message supposed to be comforting (as in, "a cold sore isn't so bad, sweetie") or insulting (as in, "get over it and stop your whining you weenie -- it's just a cold sore!")? I also wonder if the person giving the cake is the same person who managed to give the receiver the cold sore. Either way, I'm pretty sure a cold sore never deserves a cake.

This cake decorator got this one wrong on so many levels. I don't even know where to begin: The misspelled words? The inappropriate use of opening quotations? The slavish and literal following of directions? The bizarre "ET" initials in each corner? I just hope the customer got a refund on this one.

Horrific lettering aside, I'm not entirely sure what the quotes on this cake are supposed to imply -- do you not actually read the blog? Is it not really a blog anyway? Confusing...and quite possibly insulting. Either way, please don't send me this.

Be sure to click on over to Cake Wrecks to see more baking disasters (and all the accompanying witty commentary).


Patch said...

OMG, I LOOOVE cake wrecks. I spent most of this past weekend reading all of the archives. And laughing my head off.

Maple said...

I love the rainbow cake- I'll have to recreate it for our monthly office celebration.

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