Friday, February 13, 2009

Date Night

Dave and I are celebrating Valentine's Day tonight rather than tomorrow to avoid the dreaded fixed price menu and the general hullabaloo that inevitably accompanies eating out on Valentine's -- especially any Valentine's that falls on the weekend. We're going to Max's Wine Dive, our favorite hip dining spot in the Heights. They serve self-described "upscale comfort food" -- think haute couture hot dogs (or as they call them, "haute dogs") and Kobe beef burgers topped with brie. Amazing.

Hot dogs or no, folks don't go to Max's dressed like they're going to the ballpark. Situated right in the middle of one of the hippest stretches of road in Houston, Max's attracts the glitterati of Houston -- especially on weekends. And since it's a "special occasion", I thought I ought to throw together an outfit:

Valentine Date
Valentine Date - by averillh1 on

When preparing for any good date, I always start with the proper foundation and I'm of the firm belief that all men love black lace lingerie. I love this set because -- like most Calvin Klein underwear -- it's sexy but also comfortable enough to actually, you know, wear on your date. The LBD is obviously pretty simple, but I love the drapey, flattering neckline and there's almost nothing that feels better against the skin than silk. Love it.

Since I'm not attending a fasionable funeral, I'd go ahead and layer on some color: I selected a beautiful multi-colored floral d'Orsay pump from Kate Spade. The beauty of a shoe like this is that you can pull a variety of colors from it (black, pink, red) so it really is a lot more versatile than you might initially think. For a coat, I love Boden's purple bow coat. I honestly don't understand why most people buy black outerwear. I always found it a lot cheerier to throw on a bright coat day after day than a drab black one. Besides, throw on a purple (or pink) coat and you look instantly chicer -- even if all you've got on is your sweats underneath. Believe me, this was pretty much my M.O. in college. For accessories, I selected Boden's clutch to echo the floral detailing in the shoe. In black, however, the bag becomes more architectural than cutesy and doesn't compete with the shoe. For jewelry, just some lovely small hoops (again with some floral detailing -- after all, if you can't be a little bit cheesy on Valentine's Day, then when can you?) and a big floral cocktail ring, both from Juicy Couture (who have a surprisingly nice costume jewelry line).

And finally, a little something for the senses: my favorite perfume courtesy for Christian Dior and a spicy candle from my favorite modern alchemist. If the scents of spicy pink pepper and exotic pink jasmine don't get me in the mood for love, I'll try playing a little of this on the old iPod. Always works.

Happy weekend!


T i f f a n y said...

Husband and I are celebrating V-Day tonight too! Great minds :) Max's sounds to DIE for! Have a great time!

Averill said...

Thanks -- Hope you guys have a great night out as well!

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