Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back to Work/Back to Reality....

{Baby G. loves his play mat!}

Today was my first day back at work following a 12-week maternity leave. It was both easier and harder than I had expected. On the one hand, I felt as though I'd simply picked up right where I'd left off; my time away felt more like days rather than weeks. And yet…everything felt different as Baby G. continued to dominate my thoughts as I struggled to make it through a sleepy afternoon without the benefit of a nap.

The idea of leaving him with our nanny (whom I like very much) does not distress me nor do I feel overcome by guilt, convinced I am betraying him by not spending every waking moment taking care of him. And yet...I do feel some regret, some sadness in the knowledge of how much I’ll be missing in the coming weeks and months. I’ve spent the past 12 weeks witnessing every milestone, no matter how trivial and I’ve loved seeing Baby G. develop into a much more alert and interactive being than he was just weeks ago. But I also know that prior to Baby G.’s arrival, I loved my job and a large part of me is excited at the prospect of returning to my professional life, ready to conquer new challenges. I know many of you out there are also working mothers (and fathers) and share these mixed feelings with me.

{...And his mobile!}

I am sure you've also noticed the drop off in my posting (and commenting!) over the past few weeks -- and my absence is simply the byproduct of my cherishing what was left of my time at home with my son. Unfortunately, as I adjust to my new role as a working mom, I expect my blogging to remain sporadic, as my priorities have by necessity shifted to accommodate this new addition to our family. In the coming weeks and months, I hope to find my way back here to the design blogosphere, but in the meantime recognize that my reality currently does not allow for the level of involvement that I'd had the luxury of having up until 3 months ago. I ask that you bear with me during this transition and I hope we are able to reconnect soon once I’ve figured out how to fit my passions for design and blogging around my new duties as mother.

Know though that I do miss reading many of your blogs on a daily basis, living vicariously through your renovations and DIY projects and sharing your day dreams and fantasies of beautiful design. I firmly believe that blogging has revolutionized and democratized the interior design world and I’ve loved being a (small) part of that shift. I hope to see you all back here soon for more of what I love, hate and hate to love in the worlds of design, fashion and style.

Until then,

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