Friday, August 26, 2011

The Long Goodbye.

{Baby G., about 6 weeks ago}

I suppose in some ways this post was inevitably, but I wanted to delay it until I was absolutely sure. I didn't want to lead you on or risk saying something I didn't mean.

I've decided I'm going to pack it in here at Odi et Amo. While I thoroughly enjoyed the 2+ years of blogging (and reading blogs), between juggling more responsibilities at work and a new baby, I just don't have time anymore. Beyond that, I'll confess that I've lost a lot of interest. Sure, the first few weeks of not blogging were a bit tough (something akin I'd imagine to going withdrawal), but as the weeks flew by, I've found myself missing this less and less. What time I have free I simply no longer wish to spend blogging. Perhaps even more importantly, my design mojo is all but gone. I'm just kind of...over it. (Sorry!) Might I change my mind? Of course, but I suspect that will require a serious change in my circumstances (like not working).

All that being said, I do miss my blogging buddies -- and I think of you often. You were wonderfully supportive during my various and sundry home renovation and home decor projects and so understanding during my pregnancy and Graham's first few weeks when I went all but AWOL. I wish you all the very best and hope sincerely to keep in touch (and get back in touch) very soon.

Much love,

PS - For the time being, I'll be leaving my blog up and publicly available. As far as I'm concerned, I spent way too much time on this blog to simply let it go into oblivion. It was a labor of love and, like all loves, even when over still stays with you.

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