Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Calvin Klein Home -- On Sale at Macy's

I've been lusting after the new Calvin Klein furniture collection since it was spotlighted in Elle Decor last fall. In keeping with the rest of CK's home collection, these pieces manage to walk the line effortlessly between modern and timeless. Yes, they're minimal (but what else would you expect from CK?), but the mix up of wood, stone, metal and linen give each piece some great texture and a warm and organic quality that's often missing (for me at least) in modern design.

What's great about the entire collection is that these pieces could be made to work with just about any decor and aren't just for the modern and minimalistic aesthete. For example, some new upholstery could definitely turn up the volume in order to work with a more eclectic space. The chocolate linen the Destination Arc accent chair comes upholstered in blends in too much with the fantastic teak arcs for my taste. While you could certainly recover the chair in a contrasting solid fabric (think off-white, grey or even orange) to highlight the architecture of the chair, accent chairs really are the perfect place for a print -- and I think this chair would be absolutely stunning recovered in some of Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis II (in java/cream). I would also recover the City Couch -- in my fantasy world, anyway -- in Kelly's Manor Gate (in charcoal); after all, cotton linen is pretty basic and the simple lines of the sofa could easily stand up to a graphic pattern. Another great (and much less expensive) option for the sofa would be Mod Green Pod's Aspire fabric.

The great news is that the entire furniture collection, which is available only at Macy's for the time being, is now substantially discounted -- as in 30-60% off! I'm a little surprised at the major discounting (economy notwithstanding) since the collection only debuted at the beginning of this year, and I hope it isn't a sign that the collection is to be discontinued so soon after its launch. Now if only I had some room in my house for one (or more) of these pieces....


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Very nice Calvin furniture designs.

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