Monday, April 6, 2009

Rocking Kids Stuff

If and when I should ever have a child, someone please buy him or her this t-shirt:

And maybe a CD of some lullabies by Green Day (or Metallica) while you're at it:

Both these items are available at Chasing Fireflies, an online children's boutique I only found out about today (I get some pretty random catalogues). Honestly, they've got some of the cutest -- and coolest -- stuff for kids and babies that I've ever seen. My 5-year old self would've loved any of their mermaid or fairy gear and toys. If you've got any baby showers coming up or are just looking to spoil your favorite kid, check them out.


Patch said...

Awesome! I love the mermaid towels.

Averill said...

I loved those, too. I can't imagine how much my sister and I would've played with those -- no bathtub or pool required!

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