Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Plan

So here are the plans for the new house, which is scheduled to break ground in two to three weeks:

I had assumed Dave and I would go with a one-story house (many of which, in addition to being rather practical for just two people, have a cozy quality that I find appealing), but we ended up selecting a two-story plan. Our decision to go with this plan was based mostly on three factors (1) the one-story plans took up a lot more lot and, as a result, reduced the size of our future yard, (2) we loved one of the elevations for this plan, which included a Craftsman-style front porch, and (3) I love the feel of a two-story entryway (what can I say? I like me some drama).

The house "comes" with a three-car garage; I'm not sure what we'll do with all that extra space, but Dave is already dreaming of filling it with his assorted "stuff", so I have a feeling it will be well used. I'm adding a utility sink in the back of it to avoid making a similar countertop mishap. We're also going to use the formal living room as a study and have the open arch between it and the foyer closed off with french doors. I just can't see myself ever really using a formal living room -- is it just me or have those gone the way of the dodo, anyway?

Quite obviously, the second floor is a whole lot more house than Dave and I currently need. The plan -- or rather, hope -- is that within a few years we'll be having a kid or two to put in all those bedrooms. Until then, we'll be living downstairs, with the exception of the game room (and the attached second-story balcony), which will serve as our primary TV and entertainment spot. It'll be a great place for us to watch tennis, the Astros, and of course, trashy reality TV and HGTV. The spare rooms will also house Dave's family (mine all being local) whenever they come visit.

The so-called media room we're going to use as Dave's man-room; since he's not a big fan of daylight anyway, the tiny windows will suit him perfectly. I expect the room will house his untouched exercise equipment (which he swears he used before he met me...four years ago), his collection of rocks, and his cats. My only requirement is that the room stay relatively clean. For those who know Dave, you'll know this is a serious request.


Liz said...

AAAAGH, so exciting!!!! The plans for your new home look fabulous - you are so fortunate!! And I love your idea of using the formal living room as an office - that's what we did with ours (including adding the French doors) and it was a great decision - I think you'll love it. Congrats, and keep us posted!!

Christy said...

What a lovely home you're going to have! Thanks so much for sharing the floorplan with us. I love it when magazine spreads include the floorplan in their articles - it is so nice to see where rooms are in relation to each other. That is a really cool Jack and Jill bath between the upstairs bedrooms! Neat-o! And I think you should absolutely have a utility sink in your garage; we've lived in our house for three years and have yet to install one in ours and I HATE it when Matt washes all off his tools in our kitchen sink. I seriously make him turn on the hose and bring a soapy bucket outside most of the time!

Patch said...

WOW! That is all I can say! As I sit in my tiny subletted 1 bedroom apartment in the District (DC) on cool landlord's couch, laptop poised on cool landlord's coffee table, staring at my only real possession/furniture at the moment, my electronic piano. He he he.

Averill said...

P - That's the price you pay for living so close to the seat of power. :) Here in TX, unless you live on the beach (or in Austin), land prices are negligible.

Daniela said...

This house is HUGE!!!! I am glad I'll have a room separate from the kids when we come to visit! Hee hee hee!!!! The Craftsman style is awesome and was by far my favorite elevation! I am sure you will make it a beautiful home!!!!!

Christina Bost Seaton said...

WOW. You are going to have an amazing, huge house. very jealous!

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