Friday, April 10, 2009

Game. Set. Match.

This weekend Dave is playing in a tennis tournament. While I am unable to attend his matches today due to work commitments, should he advance to the later rounds over the weekend, I plan on cheering him on loudly from the stands. To help get me in the spirit of things, I thought it might be fun to assemble a classic "tennis wife" outfit for the occasion.

For inspiration, I turned to Scarlett Johansson's character (Chloe) in Match Point, a great Woody Allen flick about a tennis pro (played by the gorgeous Jonathan Rhys Meyers) who falls for his wealthy best mate's fiancée and sister Chloe. If you haven't seen the film, I highly recommend it -- even if you're not a Woody Allen fan. The crisp linen wrap dress shown above is just so classic and flattering; moreover, the style recalls women's traditional tennis whites.

The dress comes courtesy of the online boutique Shabby Apple that I found this morning via Kara from A Tale of Two Chihuahuas. Truth be told, I want just about every dress they're selling (especially for the price!). I was particularly fond of several of their faux wrap/shirt dresses, which would be great for work. The blue and white stripes (a nice menswearish touch on such a feminine silhouette) on the one shown above has a great French vibe as well that I'm really feeling for spring. [Note to all my pregnant girlfriends: Shabby Apple has some very cute maternity gear as well!]

The shoes I've blogged about before and, yes, I'm still obsessed with them. I also think their sturdiness would be a great foil to the feminine shape of the dress; they tone down the preppy a bit, don't you think? To finish things off, I thought a hit of orange would be a great contrast to all the blue (they're complimentary colors, after all). J.Crew's canvas city tote is an affordable classic, perfect for hauling your water bottle and some reading material (there's a lot of downtime in tennis!). The preppiness also works well with both the event and the dress. The small shot of orange in the delicate hoops tie the look together. Finally, I can't forget some sunglasses and these are a great shape at a great price. I also really like the wine color of the frames, a much softer hue for the face than black.


Christy said...

Love this look - that purse is so my style. Love it! Hope he advances so you get a chance to see him in action. And I'm adding that movie to my netflix queue right now. :)

Jane said...

Ummm . . . this is very GOOP.

Averill said...

JB - No way! Gwennie would be telling you to wear a onesie while undergoing a 7-day ritual cleanse!

Style Redux 2 said...

Averill-Congratulations on being one of my winners. Contact me with your info so I can send things off to you. Beth of Style Redux

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