Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Buys at Nordstrom?

It's been a long day. I spent the morning at the endodontist having a root canal and the afternoon in meetings. Ironically, the morning was less painful. While sitting in the waiting room this morning though, I had the time to go through my mail, which included the new Nordstrom spring catalogue. Leafing through the circular, I was really impressed with how reasonably priced so many of Nordstrom's pieces were -- perhaps even the more high-end department stores are starting to get the message that the demand for high-priced goods has (at least in the near- to mid-term) all but disappeared.

A few of my favorite new pieces for spring include:

Halogen short sleeve blazer ($98). This jacket also comes in a bright pink, but I really love how versatile this olive color (essentially a neutral) is. I love a short jacket for the office in the spring and summer and this color could really be kicked up a notch when paired with a bright undershirt or scarf, as the model shows here.

Semantiks wallpaper skirt ($68). As soon as I saw this skirt, I knew I wanted it. As someone who is bigger on top than bottom, I love a great print on a skirt to put the emphasis where I want it (i.e., on my narrower hips/legs) and less on where I don't (i.e., my broad shoulders and larger bust line). For those ladies who are smaller on top than bottom (i.e., the majority of women), I would suggest keeping the emphasis up top with the coordinating jacket (the Semantiks damask jacquard jacket, $128), which would really punch up a pair of plain slacks or jeans. Obviously, don't pair the pencil skirt and jacket together -- the overall effect would end up being far too "Barbie goes to the office". Instead, why not follow Nordstrom's lead and pair the skirt with a bright Halogen scoop neck cardigan ($58)? It comes in 12 great colors and is inexpensive enough to pick up in multiples.

One a Curved pocket cardigan ($58). This lightweight cardi just begs for a cozy couch and a good book -- or maybe a nice dark movie theater. I love how the shawl collar blends seamlessly into the curved pockets. Magnifique. And the lightweight cotton will make it a great transition piece for the next few months. If you're not feeling the stripes, there are some great solid colors available as well.

Okay, I'm off to wrap up work as quickly as possible so I can get out of here before my pain meds run out. See y'all tomorrow with some more great design (promise!).


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