Friday, April 24, 2009

Ideas for Mother's Day

Generally speaking, I don't put a lot of stock in "Hallmark holidays" like Mother's Day (which will fall on May 10 this year) or Administrative Professionals' Day (which was Wednesday, actually -- whoops!). Despite that though, I find it's generally dangerous to ignore the occasion altogether lest someone get their feelings hurt. Accordingly, I like to acknowledge the holiday with a card and/or small gift to mark the occasion, which assures the intended that I planned ahead and thought about it (it being the thought that counts, and all that), but I don't tend to go all out.

Mother's Day Cards. I think a card is particularly appropriate on Mother's Day because what any mother really wants -- and yes, I'm making an assumption here since I'm not a mother myself -- for Mother's Day is for her child(ren) to spend time with her and let her know they care. So, in the absence of (or in addition to) hanging out with dear old Mom this Mother's Day, I'd suggest sending a card that let's her know how you feel. [And yes, I do think you should take the time and effort to write more than just "Love, Junior"; after all, you ought to at least make it worth the stamp it cost you to mail it.]

Happy Mother's Day card by Bean Sprout Studio ($4)

So this year I thought I'd pull together some of my favorite Mother's Day cards from Etsy. Any one of these cards has the benefit of being a lot more special than your run-of-the-mill Hallmark greeting. And since you can't just run to the 7-11 to pick one of these up en route to Mother's Day Brunch, you'll look like you put some real thought into the card this time. I love the one pictured above from Bean Sprout Studio with its 3-D paper flowers and smart chartreuse envelope.

I Love You, Mom letterpress card by Ilee ($3.50): Ilee has several cute Mother's Day cards, but I particularly like this one with its bright colors and cute design. Besides, who can resist some letterpress?

Thanks Mom flower ribbon card by Anna Cote ($5.50): This is a nice modern option from Anna Cote that gets right to the point. The fold-over style leaves you plenty of room to expound on the topic of gratitude.

Custom Mother's Day Card by Just Another Day ($3.50): Tired of all the hooky and overly sentimental Mother's Day cards? Then make your own! If you're not particularly artistic, Courtney Williamson from Just Another Day will make one for you. Just let Courtney know what you want the front to say and she'll customize the sentiment to your specifications.

Letterpress Happy Mother's Day Card by Sycamore Street Press ($4): Sycamore Street Press consistently creates letterpress cards that are just, well, pretty. And of course, I love the combination of pink & brown; it's just a classic.

Personalized Stationery. If you're looking to earn some brownie points this year with your mother, why not give her the gift of stationery? Personalized stationery is one of my go-to gifts for just about anybody and for just about any holiday: it's thoughtful, always useful, and you can never have too much paper. Even better, there are tons of affordable (i.e., under $30) options on Etsy for custom stationery that's sure to make your mom smile. It's also a nice change of pace from the standard gifts of flowers or candles/bath products.

Custom Wood Type Stationery letterpress cards by the Paper Peony ($24/set of 8): I love the simplicity of the single lower case letter (how e.e. cummings!). Choose from all 26 letters and a variety of ink colors. A spare envelope is included for any mistakes.

Zig Zag Personalized Notecards by Just Another Day ($20/set of 10): I'm tempted to pick up this set for myself. I love the Missoni-style zig zags in bright Easter egg colors.

Paradise Flower Personalized Notecards by 12fifteen ($18/set of 12): This one by 12fifteen satisfies my current craving for all things red and turquoise.

Whimsy Family Personalized Notecards by Ink Spot Workshop ($17.50/set of 12 + return address labels): This stationery seems just the ticket for the "super mom" with the super family. Even better, the set comes with coordinating return address labels and comes in your choice of 4 colorways. (I like the gravel and magenta one best.)

Blind Impression Simple Custom Letterpress Notecard Set by Simple Song Designs ($27/set of 15): You can't get any more streamlined and modern than these cards. Blind impression is letterpressing without ink, which creates an indentation in the paper without coloration. These, by Simple Song Designs, are the height of minimalist chic (and a great deal for letterpress!).

Callings Cards. If you're looking for a gift that's a little more unusual than custom stationery, what about customized calling (or business) cards?

100 Personalized Calling Cards by Happy Girl Greetings ($20/set of 100): You can really stretch your dollar with these babies, which come in a pack of 100 for a mere 20 clams. There's an almost infinite number of choices for graphics, but I love the old fashioned typewriter, which goes so well with the ecru paper and traditional font. Very sophisticated.

Birds and Branches Calling Cards by Michelle Brusegaard ($20/set of 50): This is a great option if you're looking for something a little cuter. The square shape will be sure to stand out amidst a sea of business cards.

What about you? How do you typically celebrate Mother's Day? Any good tips on great gifts or activities to mark the occasion would be most welcome!


Liz said...

Love the Mother's Day card with the ducks (my mom calls us her "little duckies", so it's perfect!) - have to get one of those, and I'm eyeing the zigzag personalized stationary as well. Great job finding affordable paper goods, too!

Christy said...

Well I absolutely LOVE all of these cards and might stock up for future years!

But this mother would rather have some time to herself this mother's day. A massage, a pedicure, hair appt, or lunch with my friends all sound just lovely. I think since I'm still nursing Fiona five times a day, quality time alone has the most allure! I just keep telling myself it's not forever! Only a four more months until she's a year old and I can wean her onto only solids.

But back to these cards - gorgeous! The ducks are my favorite, hands down! Super cute.

Maple said...

Check out these notecards on etsy for mother's day I had the artist draw a cartoon of George and myself for the wedding and it was so cute!!

Kristina with a K said...

Great picks!

I'm considering those calling cards. My Mother has her own custom framing business and I think that might be a nice touch. She needs a more modern an fun card.

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Fabulous cards, thanks for all the suggestions. Aren't personalized calling cards fun? I ordered some from fabulous stationary & have gotten great comments. Love the typewriter!

Hi from a fellow Houstonian & fellow mini dachs. owner. She is half chihuahua/dachs.
Have a terrific Sunday (:

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

oh my goodness - thank you for the reminder about Mother's Day! i think a customized gift would be so nice.

ps - i noticed on your wish list you have the Longchamp 'It Bag' - that is incredibly cute!

Karen said...

Sweet cards and some fun inspiration!! :> I need to get in gear for Mother's Day....I'm a Mom and I just had to ask my husband when it is! Yikes! :>

Becky Ardell Downs said...

May I suggest also cards made by They're handmade (I was employed as a cardmaker by them for a short time!), adorable, and the company's owners are the nicest people. Look for images of their boston terrier, who was also darn sweet.

Averill said...

Becky -- Thanks for the tip! I'd not seen You Send Me before, but they've got some really adorable stuff.

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