Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advice for New Moms: Haven & Home

Today marks the final installment of the Advice for New Moms guest post series and I'd like to thank all the wonderful bloggers who contributed to the series and made it so informative (not to mention entertaining). We're finishing up strong today with Marianne Strong (sorry for the bad pun!) from Haven & Home and Marianne Strong Interiors. While Marianne is not yet a mother herself, she's had plenty of practice setting up both beautiful and functional nurseries for her many clients and she's graciously offered to share some of her wisdom here today.

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Hi Odi et Amo readers, I am so happy to here today! Since we do not have children yet I am not sure how much help I can be but I will give it a try. I may not have a little one yet but I do know a thing or two about a nurseries. Right now I am currently working on my 12th, 13th and 14th future baby rooms for clients. Nurseries are actually one of my favorite spaces to design, I love the idea of creating a little child's first space. These are tips I would give any soon-to-be Mom:

1. Get the big pieces taken care of first then worry about the rest. Gliders generally take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to come in so I usually keep them high on the priority list. I wish I could give you a source for inexpensive gliders that have GREAT fabric but I can't. All the fabulous gliders I have found come with a hefty price tag. So, choose a neutral fabric and add a pillow or throw for looks.

I also like to pick the crib early in the process. It can set the tone of the room and it gets the future parents excited when it is set up.

2. Just say no to changing tables. Any piece can be a changing table, look for something that you will use down the road. I personally love chests. I already know when we have kids that I will use this wood and metal potting table I found for a changing table. Don't be afraid to use items in unconventional ways.

3. Don't forget the ceiling. I don't think I have done a single nursery with a plain ceiling. It is an easy way to add visual interest. Also pay attention to lighting, it is a great excuse to use something fun and whimsical.

4. Throw in a bookcase if possible. You will receive items you want to display and I think every child's room should include books....especially by Eric Carle.

5. Don't neglect the walls. There are so many cute things out there for wall decor it can be mind boggling. Etsy is a great place to start. Another thing I have done over and over and never get sick of is framing several pages from a favorite book. Sometimes frames can get lost on a wall when floating solo. A gallery wall looks clean but still adds color.

6. Don't stress too much. It is likely your baby won't even be in his/her room for the first few weeks. Just make sure you feel at home in your babies nursery and they will too.

I hope this helped some. Congratulations to all the expectant mothers out there. I am blown away every time I see a baby by what a miracle the whole process really is. Enjoy this time in your/their life, from what I hear it flies by.


Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

This has been the best series,love these nursery tips...such a great room to put together at such a special time!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Gorgeous, and wonderful tips. I had so much fun decorating my little girl's nursery last year. I so so wanted to put in a beautiful light fixture too, but darnit if she doesn't LOVE that ceiling fan. Easy entertainment!

Kirsten Krason said...

WOW her nurseries are incredible!

Christy said...

Wow what gorgeous rooms! I second the no changing table advice. Wish I'd heard it first - we actually got one, outgrew it rather quickly and put it out on the curb!

Erica @ Decorica said...

Love the ceiling tip! What a great way to add color and fun by decorating the ceiling, especially in a nursery. Nice post!

Laura@JourneyChic said...

I love ALL the lighting that Marianne used in these nurseries. I wish I could find a ceiling fixture for my son's room that didn't come with an enormous price tag! I totally agree with her opinion on changing tables - I used the same logic when deciding against one.

Oh, and I love that Marianne's last name is the same as my maiden name! :)

Katie @ Noodle and Boof said...

Love me some Marianne! These spaces are gorgeous! Thanks for including her!

caycee said...

Such beautiful nurseries!!!! I really love them all! My next one will be all white!!!

Liz @ It's Great To Be Home said...

Beautiful rooms, Marianne!! I know I'll be referring back to these spaces one day when we have kids. :)

Rene said...

This is such an inspiring post. I love seeing nurseries with good design that don't fit the normal "baby" mold.


Julie said...

I love Marianne's work and I agree w/ all of the above, especially the part about getting a glider for less .... they do NOT exist. I've exhausted every resource and so far nada!

A Loopy Life said...

I'm sad this is last of the series :( Been loving them so much!

hi-d said...

I came by way of Haven & Home. What a great post. I love the d├ęcor. We are in the process of finishing up our nursery for our first baby...now I'm really excited to look at more of this series. Thanks for sharing...I'm going to "follow." :)

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