Friday, June 4, 2010

The Decorista goes to Los Cabos

Today our travels take us far to the southwest, to Los Cabos, Mexico, along the Baja penninsula. Our guide today is the lovely Ashlina, from the blog The Decorista. This wildly stylish blogger will be sharing some of her own secrets to vacation bliss. Pack your swimsuits and plenty of suntan lotion -- it's gonna be a great trip!

* * *

Hello all of you lovely readers of Odi et Amo! It's Ashlina here from The Decorista.The beautiful and extremely talented Averill has asked me to hang out here today as she enjoys her vacation! I am thrilled for her and I'm dying to share with you my favorite vacation spot... I think I am jealous, I'm having vacation fever!

Los Cabos is probably my most favorite city in Mexico; it's just a hop, skip and jump down from LA, and it's gorgeous to boot. (I even met my boyfriend while on a trip to Cabo, how could it not be my favorite?) Everytime I go to Cabo, I stay at the luxurious villas of
Cabo Azul over in San Jose del Cabo. The architecture is remarkable and the interior design is done by one of my most favorite interior designers, Dodd Mitchell. It's such a breathtakingly gorgeous place to stay.

The bedrooms are created for romance, with candles and soft lighting you can't help but fall in love.

The bathroom is just set inside the room so you can have views of the ocean, and all the wood is deep, dark and spanish style. It works so well with the cream colors of the walls and fabrics.

Zebra print pillows and stools accent the living room and patio. It's the perfect addition to the room.

The grounds of the villas are also incredible and you feel like you are in a fantasy land the entire time you are there.

If you are ever thinking of going down to Los Cabos, its definitely worth looking into.

Happy travels Averill!


Christy said...

I've never been to Mexico, but if I do you can bet I'm looking up this resort - it's gorgeous! And what a fun photo at the end!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Now I have vacation fever... With three small children - it feels like it will be forever until we can go away (FAR!) for a week...

I love hotel living - but only when it's stylish. If I ever go to Cabo, I know where I'll be making reservations...

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Nice post- what a beautiful bedroom! I am dying to go to's quite the hike from Boston though.

Anonymous said...

Lovely guest post! Looks like a perfect getaway! xo

Tonia Lee Smith said...

Thanks for having The Decorista, tell us about Los Cabo, such a gorgeous hotel.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Sweet Ashlina!! lovely post, the hotel looks fabulous, just what Ashlina would pick!! thanks for this post both ladies xo

Unknown said...

Really want to get there one day...its on my list!

Hello Lover... said...

Looks amazing - we've been talking about going for some time!


Great post!!
Beautiful photos!!


A Casa da VĂ¡ said...

That sounds like a great vacation, I will make sure to check the resort website!

ps: you have a great blog - I'll be following ^_^

Rachel said...

My husband and I went for our honeymoon, and it was absolutely the best vacation. Beautiful and not overly tourist-y, and lovely weather. We went in mid-November, and it was warm in the sun and cool in the shade.

Loved seeing these photos - makes me want to go back ASAP.

villa tossa de mar said...

Lovely destination for every one..........Really..???????? This place is so beautiful,so natural....Full touch of total natural beauty.....Perfect destination for the new wedding couple for there honeymoon days...!!! I really want to visit this place its lovely and Romantic destination for the people who want to spent some time in the far away from the whole world in the palm of the nature...!!!!!!!!!!!

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