Thursday, August 6, 2009

Color Personality Quiz

Tonight I finally had the opportunity to thumb through the September issue of House Beautiful and all I can say is "wow". The issue focused on color and there are some truly gorgeous rooms featured -- I urge anyone who doesn't have a subscription to get to their local newsstand immediately and get a copy.

The back of the issue featured a color personality test -- a series of questions with no right or wrong answers that is designed to get you thinking about what colors you naturally gravitate towards. Earlier this week, Things That Inspire did a lovely post with her answers to the quiz and I thought I might follow suit today with my own thoughts on the matter. As longtime readers know, I'm a huge fan of bold colors, so I suspect the following answers won't be much of a revelation.

House Beautiful

What is the first color you see in the morning? A deep gray-blue.

Nathan Egan

What color are your eyes? Light brown.

Mary McDonald in domino

What color do you wear the most? Navy.

Katie Ridder

What color do you never wear? Yellow.

Sherrill Canet

What do you color do you wear when you want to feel confident? Hot pink, Kelly green or peacock blue.

Metropolitan Home

What color gets you the most compliments? All of the above (which is why I wear them when I want to feel confident).

Phoebe Howard

What color is your lipstick? I don't wear much lipstick -- I prefer gloss -- but when I do, it's a nude-ish pink. I’ve always tended to focus on playing up my eyes, so I tend to go for a more natural looking lipcolor.

Sara Story

What color was your living room growing up? Walls were beige, but I remember a lot of red in the furniture, draperies, rug etc.

Ruthie Sommers

What color was your bedroom growing up? Pink and white.

Barbara Barry in Metropolitan Home

What color are your sheets? Ivory.

Annie Selke in House Beautiful

What color was favorite crayon as a child? Blue-green.

Elle Decor

What color is your car? Dark gray.

Thad Hayes

What color was your prom dress? Navy. [Moment of confession: I never got to wear it. I spent my senior prom in D.C. at an economics competition. Don't judge.]

Jamie Drake

What is your favorite flower? Orchids.

Elle Decor

What color makes you happiest? Teal, aubergine – jewel tones.

What color depresses you? Beige.

Phoebe Howard

What color calms you? Blues generally, but especially a light blue. It’s like a cool neutral – you can put anything with it, but even on its own, it can be very refreshing.

Jeffrey Bilhuber

What color makes you grind your teeth? Burnt Orange -- and I even went to UT for law school!

Elle Decor

What color would you like to try, but are scared to? I’m pretty fearless when it comes to color – both in fashion and design, but I suppose I’d have to say white. It’s the absence of color that gets me nervous, but I do think there’s something beautiful and pristine about a lovely white suit (or better yet – a white tuxedo on a woman!) or an all-white bedroom!

What about you? I'd love to hear your answers!


Ann said...

Great post ... cool answers.

I love looking at white interiors but am also afraid to try it in my own home :)

Christy said...

What a fun post - and beige totally scares me too. You won't find any in my house. Oh wait - my family room sofa is beige...but it works, somehow.

I gravitate towards bright jewel tones too. And all our rooms are painted lovely, bright colors. What a fun quiz!

(skipped prom for an economics convention! too funny! good for you!)

Beth Connolly said...

Great post. I didn't like this issue of HB at all. I can't stand beige or white. I ALWAYS wear red lipstick-even at the beach and gardening. My favorite color is pink. I dress in black and pink. My house is all pastels-celadon green, ice blue, coral pink, with touches of red and black. I love color-would never ever have a white room.

annechovie said...

This is so fun to learn more about you, Averill!So glad you liked the new chair. I hope you have a great weekend.

alison giese Interiors said...

I guess I'll get my Sept. issue in about a light year... {sigh}

Maple said...

Loved this month's issue; just subscribed to it and Veranda. I LOVE the California house with the gorgeous entrance way with the settee and venetian lamp. The Houston house they showcased kind of scared me.

Laura@JourneyChic said...

I wish I was as fearless about color as you are! Guess that's what happens when you grow up in a white house. I'm going to pick up this issue of HB today (keep meaning to subscribe - can't believe how much I waste on cover price). My answers may show up in my blog next week!

Daniela said...

What a great post Averill! You found some really great rooms!

Liz @ It's Great To Be Home said...

As always, I love your inspiration pictures - particularly that painted floor in the first one! I also saw this quiz, loved reading your answers! I've always been in love with color, but since I got married I've had to make a few compromises . . . darn husbands! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Averill, I am a completely random person who lives in Massachusetts and found your blog on the internet. As much as I think color schemes make for a good read anytime, I say we are due for another edition of cibus corner. I am sure JB would agree. PS my special color is brown, although I go crazy for hot orange when it comes to lipstick (never been a pink person).

Kellie Collis said...

Definitely black or navy - i love it just have not got the nerve to try it!

Maureen Stevens said...

cool post Averill! I'm writing down my answers right now, well, wait that issue is laying around somewhere in my bedroom.

Averill said...

Anon -- You'll have to convince JB to come back! Now that she's engaged, she's suddenly too busy for this little blog. ;)

Gannet Girl said...

Portia, I am a blogging friend of your mom's and I loved this post - and have responded in kind!

KJJ Houston said...

I love this post, how cute!!

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