Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And the winners are....

Well y'all, Dave and I flew in from Dublin yesterday afternoon and, after a much-needed 11 hour sleep, I'm back in the saddle today. Once I've sorted through the many, many pictures I took, I'll be sure to share a few here later on in the week. For now though, I'll just say that we had an absolutely marvelous time. Our time in London and Ireland was inspiring, restorative and even romantic. I haven't had that much fun since our trip to Hawaii in May of 2006.

As with all good things though, vacations must come to an end. But in many ways I'm thrilled to be back and begin a few very, very busy months of major changes. While away on vacation our house was completed (!!!) so I need to start organizing the move immediately. On the work front, I'm transitioning to a different division within my company and I'm excited at the opportunities this move presents -- even if it means I will be working for my fifth boss in less than 18 months. And, on the personal front, my sister and her boyfriend got engaged in Germany last week! I'm so excited for them both and I'm honored to be serving as Jane's matron [ugh...hate that term] of honor. Congrats Jane and P.W.! Stay tuned for more wedding-related posts in the coming months.

But down to business, yes? I'd first like to thank all of you who entered -- 89 comments is definitely a record number of entries for this little blog and I'm thrilled at the participation level, especially in light of my absence. Sadly though, I can only pick three of you and, after randomly selecting three comments (via ramdon.org), I'd like to announce the following winners:

Congratulations, ladies! And thanks to each of you for your enthusiastic participation. Please e-mail me your addresses as well as your choice of book. I'm excited to be back blogging regularly again and have some great new posts in store for everyone so stayed tuned!

Photograph courtesy of
Amy Atlas Events.


Patch said...

Welcome back Aves! So glad you had a wonderful time. Can't wait for photos!!!

Christy said...

I won! I won! I won! I'm SUPER EXCITED!!!! But how do I chose which book?! I love them all. Is it fair for me to let you choose and surprise me? If not, tell me and I'll pick!

I can't wait to see more than a few of your vacation pictures and hear all about. Write about it for a week!

And that is sooo exciting that your house is done! YAHOO!

And congrats on the job in your company! Very exciting times in your life.

ps - just call yourself maid of honor! Who would correct you?

alison giese Interiors said...

OK, so I didn't win....Can I dive into that candy bar? ;)
Glad you had a fab trip - welcome back, blogstress!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Welcome home & happy to know you arrived back in Houston safe & sound. So happy your holiday was great. You have a lot to look forward to!

Jenn @ Dear Heart said...

Welcome back, I can't wait to see some of the pictures! Hope you got tons of inspiration across the pond :)

Alicia said...

Welcome home & congrtas to the lucky ladies!!!
Im certain the heat was a shock of the senses.
Stay cool/

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