Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Favorite {Uninteresting} Things

Yesterday Sarah Klassen tagged me to list my six favorite "uninteresting things". Well, Sarah, while I'm not exactly sure what classifies as "uninteresting", here they are six of my favorite things (in no particular order):

1. Gift wrap. For me, the presentation is almost as important as the gift itself and I absolutely adore wrapping gifts (at Christmas, I'll even volunteer to wrap others' gifts). I keep a stash of gift wrap on hand at all times for random gifts -- you might even say I hoard it as I often have difficulty using my favorite sheets or rolls! My favorite online source though is Whimsy Press, which sells beautiful and heavy double-sided sheets. For inspiration and some innovative wrapping ideas, I always check in with A Gift Wrapped Life where Sande has perfected the art of gifting (and gift wrapping).

2. Letterpress. Mmm...letterpress. It's amazing how some subtle relief and texture transforms text and images into something truly magical and special. Bonus points if its printed on white cotton paper. Using traditional printing techniques and high quality paper just make average birthday greetings and thank you cards feel like an event. My favorite online sources for letterpress include Cotton Idea Studio, Ille and Tara Hogan.

3. Petit Fours.
I should state for the record that I'm a dessert person -- and I'm really not that picky about the form that dessert takes. While just about any baked goods will do, my absolute favorite are petit fours. Like cupcakes, their portable (and you can eat more than one without feeling like a total cow). Unlike cupcakes though, the icing is on all sides, thereby maximizing the all-important icing-to-cake ratio. My favorite petit fours of all time come from Moeller's Bakery, a local institution here in Houston. Birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers...whatever the occasion, I'll find a good reason to go in and order up a few dozen.

4. Fall Foliage. I live in Houston and since we really only have two seasons (summer and the rest of the year), I don't get to see all the beautiful colors that decorate much of the country for a few weeks each fall. Those few weeks of spectacular color are just about the only things I miss about living in New England.

5. Office Supplies. As a little girl, my favorite shopping excursion of the year was school-supply shopping. As an adult, I still have a weakness for office supplies -- especially cute ones. I suppose this favorite plays to my anal retentive, hyper-organized nature, but give me some cute file folders, a beautiful pen and some fun post-it notes and I'm a happy camper. See Jane Work has a great selection of fun and feminine office supplies, but I'm also a big fan of Target for sating my office supply fix.

6. Bubble Baths. I adore a long hot soak in the bathtub. But for a lack of time most evenings, a bubble bath would be a nightly ritual for me. Growing up, my father (a West Texan raised on water rationing) always got upset when I would run a long bath and I was often forced to keep my soaks to a minimum. Now that I'm an adult, however, I have no such rules restraining my bathing rituals, which means I'll happily spend an hour or more soaking and sweating away the stresses of another long day. In addition to some good bath suds (may I recommend this?), a good book and a glass of wine are also key to a perfect bathing experience.

To keep the fun going, I'll go ahead and pick each of the 6 lovely bloggers of the following blogs to share her own list (either here or on her own blog):

A 'Lil Welsh Rarebit

But, of course, even if I didn't include you in the list above (and please don't feel left out if I didn't! I just picked the first 6 that popped into my head that Sarah didn't already select), please feel free to share your little favorites with me!


Sarah Klassen said...

This was difficult for me as well! Your six picks are lovely ~ I can relate to the letterpress and office supplies for sure - actually to everything! Also, those petit fours looks delicious, but almost too pretty to eat!

Thanks so much for responding to the tag :)

Sanity Fair said...

Love these! Especially the letterpress. I'm up tomorrow :)

Mary said...

Hi from another Houstonian!

Enjoy your blog. I have never heard of the above a bakery, but will be checking it out. Thanks!

Christy said...

Oh how fun. I love your list. And you made me laugh - summer, and the rest of the year! I bet it's true - having never been to Houston, I can only imagine. I can't wait to partake of this exercise on my own. I LOVE gift wrap love love wrapping presents!!

Liz said...

Yay, how fun is this?? I'll do mine tomorrow!! And I'm totally with you on the petit fours (the best here in Dallas are from Stein's) and fall foliage - I miss the fall in North Carolina, though I'm sure it can't compare to what you saw in New England!

Maureen Stevens said...

i get extremely serious when choosing gift wrap:) i love letterpress & petit fours, yum! at least we don't feel too guilty when we just have one right?

Jacquelyn said...

it's so interesting reading everyone six things...I totally agree on the letterpress thing...and office supplies...i have way too many pens, notebooks, post-it notes that are pretty shades and shapes, and I still love a fresh box of pretty pencils just sharpened ...fall leaves, there is nothing more lovely than watching them slowly fall to the ground or walking in a path filled with them...great choices

Kellie Collis said...

I adore letterpress too!!

Beth Connolly said...

Averill-Love your list-both your choices and the visuals. I'll post mine on CC tomorrow. Luckily, mine are all different!

Kara said...

Great list. I love a long bath with a good book!

Kristina at The Purple Pea said...

Oh how fun! I'll post mine later today!

I am with you on the office supplies. And I was the same way as a kid. I am a sucker for notepads tho. If it's a cute notepad, I must get it. Luckily one of my dear friends has a paper/stationery business. So I'm always getting great little things from her.

And Liz--I got my Petit Fours from Stein's for my wedding. THE best ever. So yummy!

Patch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patch said...

Oh no--- Aves, I forgot cheese plates!!! ARGH!!! I would replace travel with cheese plates. Also, Coke should go on there somewhere. Alas, not only am I boring, but I am also undecisive!
1 Wine (esp bubbly)
2 Sushi omakase style (chef's choice until you can't stand it any more)
3 Cheese plates
4 A cold coke on ice
5 Cooking, especially for my fiance
6 Traveling to foreign lands

Joy said...

Hello, dear! Come on over and see the award I've given you! Yay!

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

How funny... I was just looking up chair look-alikes for you. Take a look at - the navy or stacking chairs might evoke the same feel as the ones in the breakfast nook.

Also, I am flattered to have been "tagged". Hmmm. My favorite things {uninteresting to some / many}, in no particular order and off the top of my head:
1. Hawaii sunsets
2. Organic veggies
3. A hot English Breakfast tea with a splash of milk
4. Butterfly kisses from my little girls
5. Christmas morning with my family

alison giese Interiors said...

I think I could just say "ditto" to your list! Thanks for tagging me - I'll see what I can come up with.

Oh, also thanks for the heads-up on the within-budget blanc de chine on Etsy - heading that way!

Take Care!
alison g.
My Little Happy Place

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