Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who wore it better?

One of my favorite features in all those gossip magazines is the old-standby "Who Wore it Better"? Not only am I consistently amazed at how the same dress can look completely different on two different women, but I love to see how different people accessorize the same dress or blouse to make it suit their own tastes and style. I initially bought this darling pink winter holiday coat for my Christmas cards (the idea was to have a posed picture of Olivia in said coat underneath the Christmas tree...we'll see if she cooperates next week). My mother though, couldn't resist trying it on her own dachshund Beatrice and taking pictures of both dogs decked out in their holiday duds. {Oh and, if you're interested, I purchased the outfit here.}

So what do you think? Who wore it better? While my mom posed the same question earlier this week on her blog, Olivia was a bit disappointed by the obviously biased results. Ever the princess, she has demanded a new vote -- this time, with votes polled anonymously (so no pressure!).

And while we're on the subject of dressing up canines, what are your thoughts on the matter? Cute or cruel? I don't as a habit dress Olivia -- I figure she's cute enough on her own. But I can't deny the temptation has been there whenever I spy a particularly cute doggie sweater. If the weather in Houston were cold enough to justify the price tag, I'm not sure I could resist getting Olivia this for the holiday season.

But back to the matter at hand: --


Laura@JourneyChic said...

Hah! They're both cute, but Beatrice is rocking it while Olivia looks mildly embarrassed. :) I think doggie wear is adorable in moderation - such as for Halloween to greet kids at the door or for your Christmas cards - but see no need to dress a pooch on a regular basis. That's what their fur is for. ;) When I was little I put a doll's shirt on our cat, and he was NOT pleased!

Averill said...

Laura - Olivia is probably embarrassed because it's a bit too tight on her (note the bottom velcro doesn't close!). Sad, too, since she's quite a bit shorter than Beatrice. As kids my sister and I dressed our cat (Sir Fluffy!) up as well...he HATED it...and us, probably. :)

Style Redux 2 said...

Dressing dogs is only cruel if the outfit is tacky. Izzy only wears couture. :-)

Liz @ It's Great To Be Home said...

My vote is for Olivia!! She looks so much like my parents' dachshund, Heidi, that I just can't resist voting for her. :) As for dressing pets, I'm not going to attempt that with my cats unless I"m wearing armor - by my parents' pups do have some kickin' Halloween outfits. :)

Christy said...

Olivia wins!

I'm not a dog-dresser-upper myself. But our 75lb black lab wouldn't abide by it, I'm sure. I cant' see the Kate Spade outfit - so I'll click on it later!

ps I think it's so cute/cool that your mom has a blog too!

Kitty said...

I dress Spot & Lucky up all the time. Their best ensembles include contrasting embroidered Chinese coats replete with frog closures, and Darth Vader & Classic Leia costumes with helmet and space buns, respectively. Beatrice wore the coat nicely, but Olivia's coloring is better suited. My babies love to wear clothes, and I love to dress them!

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Oh, I think Olivia, love the contrast...see, I can't help but see things this way!! Even on dogs.

I bought a bumblee Halloween outfit for our dog and felt like such a sucker for commericalism as I was in the check out line. But everyone loved it, particularly the who cares.

Sanity Fair said...

I voted for Beatrice, but don't worry Olivia! I'd like to provide the following detailed analysis: the soft pinkish shade goes best with Beatrice's paler coat. But, she couldn't pull off a deep, rich red like brunette Olivia could! Buy miss Olivia a santa-red coat and watch her shine :)
P.S. I'm a little mystified by the whole dressing dogs thing, but I don't think it's cruel. Most of the folks who do this think of their dogs as their own children, or at least care enough to sink several hours of shopping and $30 on a suit, so I think they'd stop if they saw it hurt the animal.

Cristin said...

Sorry Olivia, you are adorable too. It simply fits Beatrice better and well, she is a better model.

Love this post!!!


annechovie said...

Olivia is beyond adorable - I voted for her!

Shannon said...

Oh they are both winners in my book. I love dachshunds!!

Anonymous said...

This is so much fun! I vote for Beatrice but I think it's because she's "posing" at her best angle which shows off the outfit, where Olivia's shot is more straight on and she looks like "what am I doing here?" so it just doesn't come off as well. How's that for analyzing the situation? I think dressing pets is ridiculous, but would still definitely do it if I had one! :-)
pk @ Room Remix

Its So Very Cheri said...

How cute.
This is my first visit and I am now a follower and would love for you to come over and do the same.


Kristina with a K said...

I think Olivia is silently protesting. But I like a dog with gall, so I voted for her.

I am glad I have big dogs sometimes. Because I know myself..and I know if I had a little dog I'd buy it everything. I would be *that* girl.

Do we get to see the Christmas card once it's finished?

Southern Aspirations said...

oh they are both so cute. Even though we have three LARGE dogs, I have turned into "that girl" and love to dress them, though I've settled for just Halloween. That said, now that we're fostering a smaller dog, I find that it's even easier to dress her up. And she actually can benefit from a coat when it's chilly at night.

Ditto on request for the finisehd Christmas card!

Evelyn said...

The coat suits Olivia's fur tone. I voted for Olivia.

Kara said...

I'm always up for some pup pics!!

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