Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trend Alert: Canopy Beds

Canopy beds aren't just for little girls' rooms anymore. Lately, the classic furniture piece has been popping up all over shelter magazines and in interior designer's portfolios -- and I can't seem to get enough. Following the old mantra that "bigger is always better", builders today are making incredibly large master bedrooms. Sure, these may seem like a luxury to prospective buyers, but more often than not, homeowners are left wondering how to fill the vast spaces to create cozier, more romantic bedrooms. Canopy beds are a great solution for those oversized bedrooms as they not only take up a greater volume of space in the room with their height, but they also create the feeling of a room within a room. Additionally, canopy beds are a wonderful way to demarcate between sleeping and sitting areas, which also makes a canopy bed is a great solution for a loft.

When I saw this gorgeous quatrefoil bed in a recent spread in House Beautiful, my jaw literally dropped. {And for your reference, it's the Asilah bed from Ironies.} Hand-carved and inlaid with bone, it is, for me at least, the ultimate bed (I burn, I pine, I perish...).

David Mitchell

For a more modern look, keep the lines of the bed clean and architectural. Forgoing a fabric canopy will enhance the look. In this small bedroom designed by David Mitchell, the dark spare canopy is a wonderful contrast to the clean white walls as the vertical lines of the bed sharply set off the horizontal slats of the paneled walls. The height of the bed also highlights the height of the room, which is particularly important when the footprint of the room is small.

Kathryn Scott

I love the clean, Early American farmhouse feel of this bedroom. While both the headboard and floor-to-ceiling curtains sport an intricate floral pattern, the simple bed linens keep the look from being fussy (or stuffy).

In this room by famed Chicago designer Kara Mann, I adore all the contrasts of the dark brown lines against the clean whites of the room -- from the floor to the bed too the walls, large white spaces are framed by dark brown lines. The more intricately carved wood sidetables keep the room from veering into cold and geometric.

A second room from Kara Mann. While I generally prefer canopy beds without any sort of fabric on top, a simple, gauzy white fabric, draped casually on top has a wonderful beachy feel and would be a great way to change your room up for the seasons.

I love the metal work on the foot of this bed -- so much so in fact that I might have foregone a bench altogether just to show it off more. That said though, I do love how Coleman used simple white drapes just at the head of the bed to create the impression of a soft and dramatic headboard. By leaving the rest of the canopy unadorned, Coleman keeps the look from being too precious.

I love the look (and feel!) of an upholstered headboard. In this bedroom designed by Tom Stringer, you get the best of both worlds with this bed that features a canopy bed with an upholstered headboard. The soft yellow stripe, paired with yellow sidetables, is such a refreshing jolt of warmth in this predominately white and blue room.

Tom Scheerer

I love the coral color of this bed, especially in contrast to the china blue bedding and denim colored rug. I also like how Scheerer has designed the canopy with its tautly pulled cover and gentle pleatings on the panel behind the headboard.

Jodi Macklin

Another example of how well a canopy bed works in the light, beach-inspired bedrooms that I find myself so drawn to as of late. The injection of navy blue, in lieu of a lighter shade, is a refreshingly bold (but not jarring) choice for a bedroom.

There are literally dozens of wonderful options for canopy beds available on the market today. Here are my perfect dozen, from a budget-friendly IKEA bed to a "price upon request" (i.e., if you have to ask, you probably can't afford it) stunner by Oly Studio.

Sourcelist (from top left): 1. EDLAND bed from IKEA ($299). Since this bed is made out of wood, it's a great candidate for a bold paint job. 2. Turner canopy bed from Restoration Hardware ($999.99). I love the subtle tapering of the posts on this bed, crafted out of black cherry. 3. Canopy metal bed by Annie Selkie for Vanguard Furniture ($2,599). You can't get much more "Chinoiserie Chic" than this. 4. Modern Glamor Hayward Bed from Ethan Allen ($2099). This bed is a wonderful blend of British Colonial and Hollywood Regency. 5. Italian Campaign canopy bed from Anthropologie ($1250). This bed has risen to iconic status, thanks in no small part to Miles Redd. 6. Antonio canopy bed from Pottery Barn ($1,299). A great bed at a great price; swap out the headboard fabric for your own to get a truly customized look.

Source list (from top left): 1. Summerland Key bed from Cottage and Bungalow (call for pricing). This gorgeous faux-bamboo frame comes in over a dozen great colors. 2. Milleunanotte canopy bed by Emaf Progetti from AllModern.com ($7,161). The bed-equivalent of the Parson's table, this simple bed will never go out of style and would work in both traditional and modern interiors. 3. Legion Bed from High Fashion Home (pricing upon request). Low to the ground, this platform bed draws upon both Chinoiserie and Romanesque influences. 4. New Country canopy bed from Ethan Allen ($1049 bed; $179 canopy frame). The black finish and paired-down details on this bed skirts a traditional country look in favor of a cleaner, more architectural style. 5. ducduc Cabana canopy bed from AllModern.com ($1895). Technically a child's bed, I love the idea of using a twin-sized version of this bed (with the matching bolsters) as a wildly glamorous daybed. 6. Oly Studio Walker Bed from Tonic Home (call for pricing). Similar to Anthropologie's canopy bed, but with an upholstered headboard.


MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Hmmm...canopied WITH an upholstered headboard would be very tough for me to beat!

Things That Inspire said...

Fabulous post! When I was a child, I pined for a canopy bed from the Sears catalog - ideally, with lots of white ruffles.

One of my favorite bedrooms that I have seen recently was in a home designed by Jim Howard. The master bedroom had an exquisite canopy bed and a vaulted ceiling. It is on his website, one of the last pictures in the bedroom section - http://www.jamesmichaelhoward.com/Bedrooms/39-of-40.html (check out all of his bedroom photos - there are quite a few canopies).

Liz @ It's Great To Be Home said...

Love the canopy beds! And you're right, they're everywhere right now. I don't think we could pull it off with our standard height ceilings, but maybe in a different house. :) I particularly love the Kara Mann bedroom!!

Christy said...

I love this look too - and I can't wait until Fiona is old enough to have one of her own in her room! I think we'll start out small - with a canopy princess bed next!

The picture with the yellow and white upholstered headboard is my favorite. Swoon!!!

Cristin said...

I love canopy beds too! Makes me want to crawl into bed now.


Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

This is such a great post, Averill! I have been in love with the Asilah bed since I first laid eyes on it. It is so gorgeous and sumptuous! I also adore all of the choices you rounded up. The Summerland Key bed is right up my alley!

Laura@JourneyChic said...

You chose gorgeous examples! The bed in Thom's design is indeed amazing. Except whenever I see "Thom" I desperately want to pronounce the "h". :) The first Karen Mann is my favorite though. I wonder where it's located, because it seems like it would fit in well at a tropical resort. I love the warm/cool contrast.

SogniSorrisi said...

Canopies are great. I think they add a touch of romance to a bedroom.

Couture Carrie said...

I have the Pottery Barn bed so you KNOW I love this post! Gorgeous photos and description, darling! This is one of your best posts to date :)


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I have always wanted a canopy bed. As a girl I had a friend whose father was a physician, SHE had a canopy bed! My parents actually have the Restoration Hardware bed. It looks gorgeous in their master with its huge scale amongst their 2- story ceiling and (just shy of) floor to ceiling picture windows. I am hoping your Christmas was a good one Averill. I am sending all my best to you and Dave for a spectacular New Year. x deb

Style Redux 2 said...

Great roundup and thanks for the mention of Chinoiserie Chic. My two favorites are still my Annie Selke Pagoda Bed and my daughter's Anthropologie Campaign Bed.

Southern Aspirations said...

Gorgeous collection! I too love the Pagoda bed but think I need the Anthro Campaign bed. I feel for it when I saw Thom Scheerer's Salt Box house (the bed has sheer drapery on it).

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Fabulous examples! I would love a canopy bed, they are just so chic! You are right, they do help fill those gigantic master bedrooms! Ours however is small, such a bed wouldn't work at all. Too bad, perhaps I'll get lucky and have a client who wants one!!

Happy New Year! Janell

Bromeliad said...

Wow. Such pretty options. Nowadays I guess you could call a canopy bed "green" as well - in the old days the fabric draping cut drafts.

Just think of how you can cut your utility bill with one of these.

christi said...

beautiful post! my favorite is the tom stringer ... and it could be a wonderful diy with the ikean frame. hmmm ... maybe that will be our next bed! =)

christi said...

hi! i am so jealous you have 3 yards sitting in your closet of imperial trellis ... so jealous! do tell me what you end up having made with it, pretty please?! =)

Sarah Klassen said...

Amazing post, Averill! I adore canopy beds. As a child, I had a very luxe, frilly room, complete with a canopy. I have since gone a little more modern, but find that my roots take me back to my love of canopies. When David and I get married, I think I may have to look for one.

I think your Kara Mann example is my very favorite. Timeless design and such great lines.

Wishing you a Happy New Year! May you and Dave have a wonderful new year in your new home. Thank you for inspiring so many with your fantastic blog. I'm excited to see your upcoming posts*

Sarah Klassen said...

(I mean the second Kara Mann canopy)

Lesley @ The Design File said...

I've always wanted a bedroom large enough for a canopy bed. But I seem to always be drawn to cozy spaces.

Still, these are just gorgeous. The coral one is my favorite!

Thanks for another great post.

Torie Jayne said...

Gorgeous post! I love the Kara Mann one! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I love canopy beds but have never had one - probably never will? Don't know. :-) Beautiful examples in this post.

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